Our “World’s Stateless” reports

As the only global civil society focal point for work on statelessness, the mission of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion is to act as an EXPERT, PARTNER and CATALYST. We believe in genuine collaboration with partners from around the world. We celebrate their successes, provide them a platform, learn from them, facilitate connections between groups, strengthen their capacity and engage in strategic discussions to collectively build this field. This approach is runs through all that we do.


Our flagship publication, the World’s Stateless reports, gives an authoritative insight into the situation of statelessness in the world, offers critical and cutting edge thinking, analysis, information and discourse. The first World’s Stateless Report (2014) with a focus on ‘counting the stateless’ has become a widely cited resource on statelessness, helping to highlight the hidden vulnerabilities of stateless persons who are also refugees and unpacking the methodologies used to count the stateless.

The second World’s Stateless Report (2017) has a focus on children and explores the urgency of and opportunities for addressing childhood statelessness. To ensure that it is reflective not only of our thinking and expertise, but also that of key academic, civil society, UN, artistic and governmental players, we have integrated over 50 direct contributions from partners and experts around the world.  Collectively, they deal with a multitude of different dimensions of childhood statelessness, with chapters exploring the right to a nationality, challenges in the context of migration and displacement, the significance of the Sustainable Development Agenda, the mechanics of safeguards against statelessness for children, and litigation, legal assistance and other forms of moblisation as strategies to tackle childhood statelessness. As with every edition of The World’s Stateless, this publication also offers a more general overview on the state of statelessness globally in 2017.

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